These Shorts Ideas Mix Up Your Summer Look


These Shorts Ideas Mix Up Your Summer Look

Shorts ideas are a must have option for female summer trends. The sun is shining, temperatures are rising .It’s shorts season! Because as nice as we can find flowing skirts, some days are just  for short pants to go.

Ruffle Shorts Ideas

Shorts ideas like ruffles and flounces are just super feminine and elegant. Because the pants by the cut is already quite conspicuous. You should put on the top of something quieter. A blouse enhances the romantic look, a white T-shirt forms a modern contrast. Depending on the taste and occasion you can always combine the shorts again.

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Embroidered Shorts Ideas

Shorts ideas from London to New York- patches and embroidery are still among the most popular fashion items worldwide. With a few stitches, our beloved jeans shorts get upgraded in a boho style. To further enhance the effect, we combine our embroidered shorts into colorful tops. So the look guarantees a good mood and a neat summer mood!

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Paperbag Shorts Ideas

Shorts ideas for fashion girls are currently tearing their pants in paperbag style. At the beginning of the year we saw them mostly in their long version. With the rising temperatures we see the short version more and more often. Because the waistband is on display and legs cut wide, we would put on a rather narrow top. This makes a great contrast to the shorts and gives the look a more dynamic shape.


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