Eye Catching Ombre Nail Art For The Beach


Eye Catching Ombre Nail Art For The Beach

Ombre nail art, also called highlighting is popular in the beauty industry for setting accents. Whether on the hair, on the face or on the body, whether through powder, glitter and metallic shine. It is always about the flattering emphasis on individual games. In 2019 these techniques will focus on fingernails in particular. How to use them to show off your hands is what you’ll find out here.

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Effective Glitter For Ombre Nail Art

Ombre nail art is on a base coat, in meticulous precision work, color-contrasting or clay. Matching glitter particles are applied, which sparkle like stars or untested gemstones. Especially in the spring, this highlight technique unfolds wonders: elegant champagne tones, for example, go well with light skin. If you’re more of an olive skin type, then dare calmly and reach for golden shimmer. This way you attract everyone’s attention on the beach.

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Total Mirrored Ombre Nail Art

Ombre nail art like this is the more eye-catching chrome, also known as mirror nails for their reflective effect. They are particularly well-suited to cosmic-aquatic nuances of silver, gold, green and blue. Of course it’s also dull if you want to prevent your colleagues being blinded. Just as mesmerizing as the holographic trend, this nails are especially effective in combination with dark garments that contrast with the lighter chrome tones. Sure, the reverse is also synonymous shoe, if you hold it in light clothing with a darker nail polish palette. For tanned skin, warm shades like gold are especially pretty.

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