Curly Hair Short Styles And 2019 Gallery


Curly hair short styles signal a confident woman. They give her sex appeal, too, if they suit her.Like short hair styles of any other type, short curly hair styles make a statement.If you’re a woman with curly hair you’re already seen as wild, undisciplined, out of control and sensual. Wearing a short hair style will get you tagged as confident as well.

For women much more than for men, leaving your face completely uncovered means you have nothing to hide. No imperfections, no flaws, no irregularities. No lies.Everything you are is on display, and you’re happy with it.

That’s a confident statement to make in a world where women constantly scrutinize each other, ruthlessly dissecting the appearance of friends and strangers alike.Just having curly hair doesn’t mean that short curly hairstyles are where you should be headed.

You need to be sure about that before you go there.A short curly hair styles can look gorgeous or it can look horrible. In both cases, the reason is face shape.In terms of an abstract perception of beauty, oval faces are the ideal – they have balance. These are the faces that look good with short hair styles.But life’s uneven, and not everyone has an oval face.

Whatever shape your face may be, that’s what you have to work with. You can’t change it – well you can, if you can access more money than good judgement.But happily most people will choose to work with the face they have. That’s where hair styles come in, after all. A woman’s hair is more than a mere accessory – it’s fundamental to her looks.

If your cheeks are too wide, bring your hair in and soften their line. Chin too narrow? Build width around it, using your hair.Making the move to short curly hair styles means abandoning all the flexibility that long and medium length hair affords you. You’re leaving your backup behind and relying solely on your face.

There’s nowhere to hide if you get a short hair cut and it doesn’t suit you. All you can do is wait until your hair grows back.Does that mean curly hair short styles aren’t worth the trouble?

No way!

If short curly hair styles work for you, they’re attention pullers. Eye grabbers. Blood pressure raisers. And you’ll love wearing them!Curly hair short styles are sexy. And cute.But they have to suit your face.As you browse the pictures of curly hair short styles here and on the other pages of Curly Hair Styles Magazine, remember to look at the face shapes of the models. There are lots of different hair styles, lots of different ideas, and lots of different faces.

And if you haven’t cut your curly hair short yet, consider trying on some Virtual Hair Styles before you face the scissors.


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