4 Short Gray Hairstyle Ideas 2019


4 Short Gray Hairstyle Ideas 2019

Grey short hairstyles 2019 fashion exists now. Mouse gray is wonderful, chic and super trendy. Today, we’ve put together some cool options to keep you alive and trendy. Look at these gray 2019 short hairstyles to find out which options suit you best.

4 Short Gray Hairstyle Ideas 2019 – via

Modern Long Grey Pixie 

Step out of the box when it comes to highlights and treat yourself to some dark gray coloring! Dark gray really complements your brunette base well, adding a torrent of depth to cut this chic, modernized long pixie.

Modern Long Grey Pixie – via

Gray Bob Style

Blunt ends and clever angles create a look of precision and posture, and with a gray ombré hair color, it’s a look that kills. Make your look really outstanding and by throwing on a deep shade of red lipstick.



The Two Tone Bob Style With Gray Color

With everyone rushing to your stylist in search of ultra-trendy gray hair, it can be hard to stand out from the crowd. But if you’re really stuck on a standout statement, try expressing your hair in a different and crazy way like this. The two-tone gray colors are really bold and precise, perfectly placed on a chic bob. The gray contrast is also placed, on thickness, cheerful Bob style.

The Two Tone Bob Style With Gray Color * via 

Blunt Short Cut With Gray Shades

The accuracy of this cut is intriguing, with a blunt cut, subtly angled, front to back. Create tons of volume, this look gets an extra dose of depth and trendy dimension thanks to a trio of colors to produce the beloved unicorn style. Deep pink to the top, with a pinkish-gray shade in the center, followed by lush, dark blue ends; could it be more mystical than this?


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